September School Transportation Information for Parents!


Each summer, Student Transportation Services of York Region (STSYR) makes adjustments to bus route schedules to accommodate new service providers, students and new school openings. As a result, some students may experience changes in their bus schedule or route number. Please confirm bus stop service for September by checking beginning the third week in August. If you are unable to find the information you require, please contact your school.

It is the parent’s responsibility to go to to verify the after school address (i.e. home or daycare) and to find the bus number, bus stop location and times for pick up and drop off.  NOTE: This information may change each year.

During the first two weeks of school, students should arrive at their bus stop ten minutes early.  After this, it is anticipated each bus route will develop its regular routine and service times.

Transportation Eligibility

 In accordance with Board policies, transportation is provided for students who live within their designated Home School attendance area and outside their grade appropriate Non-Transportation Zone. As indicated below, transportation eligibility will change throughout a student’s school career:

  • All YCDSB students in JK – Grade 3 whose residence is more than 1.2 kilometres from their home school is eligible for Board-provided transportation. transportation.
  • All YCDSB students in Grades 4 – 8 whose residence is more than 1.6 kilometres from their home school is eligible for Board-provided transportation.
  • All YCDSB students in Grades 9 – 12 whose residence is more than 4.8 kilometres from their home secondary school is eligible for Board-provided transportation.   A secondary student whose residence is more than 3.2 kilometres from their home secondary school, who’s home address is not transit served, is eligible for Board-provided transportation.

Students currently in Grade 3 and Grade 8 who use school transportation services may see a change in their eligibility to continue to use these services as they transition into Grade 4 and Grade 9.

Parents of students entering Grade 4 and Grade 9 who are eligible for transportation may review bus stop information by visiting . Grade 9 students not eligible for transportation who may wish to obtain York Region Transit information should visit their website at or phone 1-866-668-3978.

Student Transportation Services Website

The STS website,, is a valuable tool for schools and parents and contains important transportation information including:

  • Bus stop location, route Information and service times for all schools
  • Daily late bus listings
  • School Bus Safety Information including First Time Rider video
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • STS brochure
  • Policies and procedures
  • Active and safe routes to schools
  • School Bus Operator Information

It is the parents responsibility to visit the website and verify bus transportation information, such as after school address (ie. home or daycare) is accurate.  Please inform your child the bus number to get home.

Transportation Eligibility and Route Information for Students in French Immersion programs.

  • Transportation eligibility can be determined by referring to the Find Your Bus Stop tab on
  • This tool enables parents/guardians to enter their house number, street address and select their child’s school from a drop-down box to determine if they are eligible for transportation.
  • Families whose address is eligible for transportation will receive the bus stop location closest to their home, along with applicable service times.  Non-eligible families will also be informed of their status.
  • If a child is registered at school and is eligible for transportation, no additional registration is required to ride the school bus.
  • Please note that STS staff work throughout the summer to create bus routes for the first day of school in September.  For the most up to date information, parents can access bus transportation arrangements after the third week of August.

Helpful Student Transportation Tips for Parents/Guardians

STS promotes the Safe Rider Identification program which utilizes stickers affixed to student’s backpacks to ensure primary grade students board the correct bus at schools and disembark the bus at their appropriate stop locations. In addition to this program please consider the following helpful tips and suggestions when preparing for your child to ride the bus to and from school:

  • Often parents want to drive children to school on the first day. STS recommends that if you drive your children to school the first day, you also pick them up from school.
  • Communicate any changes to daycare locations to your child’s school prior to the start of the school year to ensure your child is placed on the correct bus for the first day of school.
  • Introduce yourself to other parents and students at the stop. This helps students gain confidence as they come to recognize familiar faces at their bus stop location.
  • Grade 1 students must be met at the bus stop by a responsible person.  Approach the bus and identify to the driver the child/children you are receiving.
  • Keep your phone records and emergency contact numbers up to date with the school office. STS receives this information electronically through the school.
  • Record the bus company name and route # for your child and keep in a safe and accessible place.  Bus company contact information is available at
  • Have an alternative arrangement for your child should unexpected circumstances such as traffic delay or any other emergency occurs.