Dress Code

St. Joseph Catholic School has a standardized dress code. Every student is required to come to school dressed in blue and/or white clothing. The following is a list of St. Joseph uniform dress code guidelines for all students, Grade 1 to 8:

Any clothing sold with the St. Joseph logo is acceptable and the preferred form of dress for the school dress code.

St. Joseph school runs a spirit wear sale annually that is very popular with the students because the line of clothing is sporty and comfortable and is embroidered with the school logo and Jaguar motifs. Please see the flyer sent home with your child in early September.

For parents wishing to buy other types of clothing:

  • Navy bottoms (may be pants, shorts of an appropriate length, skirt or skort of an appropriate length)
  • White (preferred) or navy top (may be a tee shirt, golf shirt, blouse, turtleneck or dress shirt – Please avoid brand logos and be plain in colour)
  • White or navy overtop for cooler weather (may be a sweater, or sweatshirt – Please avoid brand logos and be plain in colour)
  • Some department or clothing stores such as The Bay, Wal-Mart, Old Navy, Sears, etc. may carry non-logo types of garments that meet the uniform guidelines.

Please Note Unacceptable Items:

  • Stretch pants, yoga pants or any other brand of tight pants
  • Jeans or any pant that resembles a jean fabric
  • No coats, hats, studded belts or chains from pockets
  • No mesh shoes/flip flops/sandals

Civies Days

There has been a tradition at St. Joseph that the last Friday of the month would be non-standardized dress days. As with all our schools, dress should be modest in nature on these days .

Theme Days

St. Joseph will continue to have theme days where fun and ‘whacky’ dress fit in with our extracurricular activities. We often have ‘Red and White Day’ on Valentine’s Day or ‘Sport Jersey Day’ during Carnaval, etc. Students would be expected to be in standardized dress if they chose not to participate for the theme of the day.


Two pairs of shoes are required at school. One pair of your choosing befitting weather conditions and a second pair of shoes that are clean, neat and safe with non-marking soles for indoors. It is best to choose a pair of shoes that can double as gym shoes for your child’s indoor pair.

Gym Clothing

Gym clothing is at the discretion of the teacher and generally is required around Grade 4. Gym clothing should consist of a separate t-shirt, shorts and socks appropriate for school and should be brought home for laundering on a weekly basis.