The Story of St. Joseph

Joseph holding JesusJoseph was the husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the foster father of Jesus. He was a very holy man. We do not know much about the life of St Joseph. Although he was only a poor carpenter he came from the family of a very great king, King David.

When St Joseph married Mary, they went to live in the town of Nazareth. There he was a carpenter. Although he never grew rich, he had a very important task to do taking care of Mary and Jesus. This St Joseph did very well. He always made sure that there was enough food and other necessary items. When Jesus grew older, St Joseph taught him to be a carpenter like himself.

St Joseph was not with Jesus during his ministry. It is assumed that he was much older than Mary and would have died beforehand.

St Joseph’s Special Feast Day is on the 19th of March.

Joseph, Be Our Guide

Faithful to your sacred trust,
Strong protector of the Virgin Mary,
And the infant, Jesus Christ.
Joseph, firm and faithful guide us.
Joseph, walk the way with us.

Faithful to the guiding vision,
List’ning to the angels’ words;
Shielding Mary from all slander,
Guarding Christ, both Son and Lord.
Joseph, true and trusting, guide us.
Joseph, walk the way with us.

Joseph chosen as our patron
In this country strong and free.
Join with us and sing God’s praises
For the gifts of land and sea.
Joseph, just and holy, guide us.
Joseph, walk the way with us.

St. Joseph, pray for us.