November 25 to 29 is “Sensible de Gentiesse” KINDNESS WEEK!

Next week is AntiBullying Week and we will be focusing on ACTS OF KINDESS & filling buckets!!  All week students will be receiving tickets from adults when they are seen doing good deeds.  The students will put their name on the ballot and place them in buckets in the office.  There will be a draw at the end of the week and students in grades 1-3 will have an opportunity to win a ticket to a LEGO Lunch Club party on Friday!  Students in grade 4-8 will also have a chance to stay inside during lunchtime and watch the Teachers play volleyball against our Intermediate team!

Monday, November 25 there is the Kindness Week Kick Off Assembly at 1:15pm.

Tuesday, November 26 is Wear Mismatched Socks Day because no one is perfect!

Wednesday is Wear Bright Colours for Kindness Day!  Students are encouraged to show school spirit and wear colourful clothes (or their school uniform) to make a statement that they believe in the power of kindness!

Friday, November 29 is a Civvies Day and students have the opportunity to wear their regular clothes to school.  There will also be a Virtue Assembly at 9:15 am where we will learn about fairness and students who demonstrated the virtue Justice will be acknowledged along with students who are putting forth an exemplary effort speaking French!

On Thursday, December 5 our students will enjoy an Anti-Bullying presentation called Find Your Magic with Brent & Sarah!!