Luke 4:18 ELF RUN Toiletry Drive

Beginning Monday, December 2nd, we will begin our ELF RUN Toiletry Drive. All proceeds of the toiletry drive support the Annual St.Vincent de Paul Christmas Hamper drive at Our Lady of the Annunciation Church.

Please bring in shampoo, deodorant, cleaning products, hygiene products and general household items such as aluminum, foil, paper towels and ziploc bags! 


Every item you bring in will receive one point for your class. As a bonus this year, high need food items such as boxed cereal, instant coffee, canned pasta sauce and sealed/closed peanut butter will also be accepted for points! (NO DRY PASTA PLEASE) Each day we will tally up the points and at the end of our drive, the winning primary class, and the winning junior/intermediate class will win a Christmas surprise!  All donations will be picked up on Tuesday, December 10 MERCI!