YCDSB Inclement Weather (Snow Day) Procedures for Schools

As the winter weather approaches we wanted to update you regarding our Inclement Weather procedure for the 2021/2022 school year.

Once again this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our Inclement Weather procedures will be based on direction from York Region Public Health (YRPH). During inclement weather days in the past, it was necessary to combine classes due to reduced staffing levels. This practice is not permitted under current YRPH guidance. 

As a result, if buses are cancelled due to inclement weather:

  • All schools will be closed. Students cannot come to school.
  • Student learning will pivot to asynchronous remote learning. This means students will work on tasks previously assigned such as long term projects or spend time reviewing material previously covered. 
  • No new work will be assigned.  
  • Tests, quizzes and in-person parent meetings will be cancelled and rescheduled.
  • B&A programs will not run. 
  • Child Care Centres may remain open at the discretion of the operator.

In our effort to ensure equity and inclusion, students will not be assigned new work, given that many students will not have a device to learn remotely.

As a reminder, the decision to cancel school transportation service is region-wide, meaning all school buses, vans and taxis will not be operating. 

The decision will be made by 6 am in the morning and will be communicated to all standard media outlets, posted on the Board website and Twitter account, as well as updated on the SchoolBusCity website and hotline 1.877.330.3001.

The YCDSB recognizes the short notice parents will have to make child care arrangements when an inclement weather day occurs, and therefore ask that parents plan in advance for the potential of such early morning notifications. Thank you for your understanding and support.