Month: October 2019

Luke 4:18 initiative: Operation Northern Neighbours

 As a school / Luke 4:18 team,  we have committed to sending Christmas envelopes to 55 elementary students in Northwest Territories, and 10 intermediate students in Nunavut this year.   If there is sufficient interest, we can commit to more children at another Northern school.  Each envelope is standardized to some extent with the opportunity for each sponsor to individualize their package. ... Continue reading "Luke 4:18 initiative: Operation Northern Neighbours"

Luke 4:18 Initiative: Donate your Halloween Candy Today!

Families are invited to send in all of the excess Halloween candy to the office!  Dr. Andrew Simone, founder of Canadian Food for Children Foundation, collects candy and ships it abroad.  The candy gets shipped directly to agencies who work with children in need. Dr. Simone explains that for these malnourished, and often dehydrated youngsters, the sugar stimulates ... Continue reading "Luke 4:18 Initiative: Donate your Halloween Candy Today!"

APPLY NOW: French Immersion for Gr 1 2020-2021

St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School in Aurora is offering French Immersion classes beginning in Grade 1. French Immersion programs are designed to provide non-francophone children with a high degree of proficiency in the French language.  While any exposure to a second language is beneficial, French Immersion broadens and deepens that exposure.   Please note:  January 24, 2020 is the deadline for Year 2 FDK parents to apply